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Page 11 We Believe in Oklahoma WWW.CHISHOLMTRAILNEWS.COM Chisholm Trail Community News July 12, 2023 DOZER WORK RODNEY WRIGHT DOZER • OILFIELD • FARM • COMMERCIAL All Types of Dirt Work Rodney Wright 580-467-4508 ROGERS METAL HOMES & BUILDINGS METAL homes built complete. Free estimates on any size metal or wood building or home. Over 25 years experience. Carports, metal roofs and sheet metal fence installed. Professional in all areas. Licensed, bonded, certified and insured. 580-512-9609 • Hand Washed • Carpets Cleaned • Clean Clear Windows • Show Room Quality Look • New Car Fresh Smell 728 North Hwy 81 Duncan Call forAppointment 580-736-4772 Open 7 am M-F “Your Place or Ours” ONSITE MOBILE DETAILING Monthly Meeting Thursday - 7:00 pm Faith Church 1404 W Main - Duncan More Info at 580-656-7951 Come Join the Party! 2nd Thursday Each Month Paid for by the Stephens County Republican Party - Leon Farris, Chairman SUMMER COOKOUT & FELLOWSHIP BURGERS & BRATS BRING SIDE DISH, CHIPS, DESSERT, ETC. One Bedroom Apartments for Seniors Ready to Rent NOW! Call for Appointment! Income limits apply All utilities included Fully equipped kitchen Full size washer/dryer Emergency call system Secured entry Elevator Indoor mail boxes Fitness Center Common Areas 1745 W. Legacy Dr. Duncan, Ok. • 580-255-4141 • Behind Taco Bell on Hwy 81 • email: Clinic Openings Duncan Regional Hospital & Solutions Practice Management are currently seeking full-time dedicated professionals for our local clinics. Individuals interested in a fast paced atmosphere with multiple providers are encouraged to apply! LPN LPN/MA Patient Experience Rep Excellent benefits package and salaries commensurate with experience! To apply contact: Human Resources Phone: (580) 251-8595 Fax: (580) 251-8829 To apply online visit: HELP WANTED Now Taking Applications For CNA $1250 Sign-on Bonus Wilkins Health & Rehab Apply in Person 1205 South 4th Duncan First United Methodist Church Administrative Assistance wanted 8:30 to 3:30 Monday through Thursday to apply send résumé to office@ See our ad on Facebook Duncan Fumc Washing machines need to be replaced every six years, consumer experts have claimed. The team from Choice revealed six giveaway hints it’s time to buy a new machine, including if it moves around during a cycle, leaking or even staining your clothes. Others signs it might be time to upgrade include if your machine is noisy, it’s no longer right for your situation and - crucially - if it’s more than six years old. 1. It’s more than six years old According to Choice, once your washing machine hits the six year mark, a ‘major failure usually means you’ll need to buy a new one because any repairs will be expensive’. ‘If you have a front loader, once it hits 12 years of age, it’ll likely be cheaper to replace it that repair it, even for a more minor failure. For a top loader, that figure drops to seven years,’ Choice experts said. The Choice team recommend you clean and maintain your washing machine as regularly and well as possible. You can do this by wiping out the inside of the door seal to clean off mould and scrud, cleaning the lint filter (if fitted) and leaving the door ajar (if your laundry allows) to extend the life of your door seals. Each month, you should also run a cleaning cycle or run the machine empty on its hottest cycle with a bit of detergent as this will help clear out scrud. You can wipe away mould deposits on door seals and other surfaces using hot soapy water and a soft cloth. 2. It’s moving around The second sign it might be time to get a new washing machine is if it’s regularly moving around during a cycle. ‘There are two main reasons why your machine is never where you left it before a cycle: it’s either off balance or the shock absorbers have failed,’ Choice said. If it’s vibrating, they recommend checking the machine’s feet to see that they’re all ‘properly adjusted and making firm contact with the ground’. You can also put a rubber mat underneath the machine to protect the timber floors, or move it to the corner of the room, where it may be more stable. 3. It’s getting noisier A simple sign that your washing machine is on the way out is if it’s getting louder than ever. The Choice team said if you notice it getting noisier, it’s possibly time to ‘have it serviced, repaired or replaced’. 4. It’s leaking A leaking washing machine is one of the most obvious signs it’s time for a new model. But Choice said there are many different types of leaks, and some are more benign than others. For instance, a tap connector that isn’t tightened properly isn’t all that serious, while others - like a ‘coin or key getting in between the washer’s two drums, punching a hole in the outer drum’ - requires more attention. 5. It’s staining your clothes One of the most annoying signs your washing machine is getting tired is if you start seeing rust stains on your clothes. ‘There are many things that can cause rust spots in your washing machine, including damage to the drum, but even leaving damp laundry in the machine can cause rusting (not to mention an unpleasant smell),’ Choice said. You can get rid of surface rust with a wash cycle or two, but Choice’s consumer expert Ashley Iredale said if you keep seeing the stains, then your machine is ‘pretty much done for’. 6. It’s no longer right for your situation Finally, sometimes in life, we just need to change washing machine. This might be the case if you’ve moved from being a single person doing one or two washes a week to being with a partner and young twins creating a ‘small laundry mountain each day’. The two options are a front and top loader. Front loaders are more expensive outright, but they’re cheaper to run, more space efficient and use less water. Top loaders on the other hand are generally cheaper to buy and weigh less, but they cost more to run and use more water. A rich man bargained with St. Peter and was allowed to bring one suitcase with him to heaven. St. Peter wanted to know what the man brought with him. The man opened up the suitcase to expose a collection of gold bars. St. Peter in in exclamation says, “What? You brought pavement?” We Mow Lawns For Steady customers. The Grassmen affordable reliable lawn care. Free estimates call today. 470-5604 Duncan Marlow areas. (31p) H-T Home Improvement; All your home improvement needs; Interior, exterior painting, drywall, siding, flooring, etc. Free Estimates, Call Andy Heavener at 580-736-3831 (28p) WORK WANTED Oklahoma alcohol law changes allowing purchase of buckets of beer by Gavin Pendergraff, KTUL Oklahomans can now purchase buckets of beer at bars and restaurants. Oklahoma Beer Alliance President Lisette Barnes issued a statement regarding the changes to Oklahoma’s alcohol laws following the 2023 regular session. “This session, Oklahoma lawmakers passed legislation which, among other changes, allows ABLE Commission licensees to sell buckets of beer for onpremises consumption to one person at one time. This legislation changes the previously established two-drink limit for consumers and helps further modernize Oklahoma’s beverage industry,” said Barnes. Barnes hopes this change will lead to increased revenue for local bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants can start selling buckets of beer with up to six bottles or cans immediately under these new changes. Barnes also encourages all individuals to consume responsibly. Foreign Aid The process of taking money from poor people in a rich country and giving it to rich people in a poor country. ... Seymore Folkes