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Page 8   God Bless America Chisholm Trail Community News WWW.CHISHOLMTRAILNEWS.COM June 22 2022 Marcus has proven himself as a conservative legislator. 1 2 3 4 MARCUS CHECKS ALL THE CONSERVATIVE BOXES! MARCUSMCENTIRE.COM Protected the 2nd Amendment by stopping liberal municipalities that want to place regulations on firearms 1 (voted yes on-HB3157) Supported a pro-growth, pro-business agenda by passing the Economic Activity and Development Act of 2022 which would create large-scale economic activity. 2 (voted yes on-HB4455) Continued to protect life with a 100% pro-life voting record. 3 (voted yes on-SB1503) Protected our elections, worked to ensure our elections are honest and fair while safeguarding their integrity by voting for a resolution that would never allow non-citizens to vote like they are allowed do in New York City. 4 (voted yes on-HJR1408) Protected our schools and children from radical woke culture by voting for separate bathrooms for transgender students and voted to assure our children compete against their own sex in athletics. (voted yes on SB615 and SB2) VOTE REPUBLICAN MARCUS MCENTIRE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE HOUSE DISTRICT 50 AUTHORIZED AND PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF MARCUS MCENTIRE 2022